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Problem With Small Businessmen

Managing the account requires a computer and Expensive software with An Accountant. Which they cannot Afford on initial level and due to this he does not
understand his Business Completely. In such circumstances, He becomes dependent on the CA for his Accounts Department .Which only Encourages Them to make necessary data for government tax Because any chartered accountant has many Parties. And he does not have enough time to give to each and every trader. For this reason the trader does not develop Proper Accounting System for their business . And for many years They remains a small Businessman for a long period of time.

Solutions For Small Businessmen

Our company provides for all small merchants in which a member of our team visits your business place on a monthly basis and collects all your account related data. And organize them with the help of accounting software, you will get the details of your company. Provides complete information about the account. And keeps in touch with the chartered accountant (if you have hired someone else will take care) of your company so That we
can provide data for Taxation. And fully explains the data related to your business to you

Accounting Services in Jaipur Daily Services Details

Weekly data Collection, Maintaining Accounts in Proper Manner, CA CO ORDINATIONM TAXES RETURNS , MONTHLY PROFIT And Loss Reports, Monthly Balance Sheet , Monthly Stock Summary, Online Access Of your Accounting, Debtors and Creditors Report, And All

Accounting Service Charges
8000/- Monthly With CA Services,
6000/- Monthly Without CA services